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Stewardship Campaign 2024

It’s Not Too Late to Pledge

Should you have already graced us with your pledge for 2024, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your benevolence and steadfast support of the United Methodist Church of Casa Grande’s ministries. For those whose pledges remain in thought, fear not, for a time still extends its hand. You may present your pledge card amidst the sanctity of worship or entrust it to the post, directed to our church’s abode.


The act of pledging, the essence of giving, is deeply entwined with love. The love from your financial offerings breathes life into transformative ministries within UMCCG and reaches far beyond our walls. Each pledge is a step nearer to our collective aspiration: to embrace all souls, to walk in the light of Jesus Christ, and to unite in service—a beacon of faith, hope, and action. Let your love manifest in a pledge to nurture the ministries of 2024.

Why Pledge?

pledge signifies a heartfelt commitment to provide financial support in the forthcoming year, a gesture stemming from one’s devotion to  God and fellow beings. Such a pledge fosters personal growth in faith and generosity, as it translates one’s love into tangible acts.

Should you not yet participate in giving to the United Methodist Church of Casa Grande, consider embarking on a journey of faithful generosity. Each contribution, each pledge, propels the mission of Christ forward.

For those who give but haven’t pledged, contemplate a pledge for 2024. Regular giving is not merely a financial act but a spiritual practice that bolsters the vitality of the church’s ministries.

And for the steadfast who already pledged, I encourage you to elevate your commitment. Aligning your giving with your income and progressing towards the aspirational goal of tithing10% of your income—is an act of love and responsibility, a true service to God.