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Serving the Church

United Methodist Church of Casa Grande

Just as each one has received a gift, use it to serve others, as good stewards of the varied grace of God.” 1 Peter 4:10 (CSB)

Serving the Church is a pround and meaningful endeavor

Putting Faith into Action: Serving puts feet into your faith. As followers of Christ, we have the privilege of walking with God. Before Christ, we were unable to commune with the Lord due to our impurity. Now, having been redeemed, we face a choice: either revert to our old ways or actively serve one another. Service becomes an expression of our true faith. If we claim to love Christ but fail to love our fellow believers actively, what does our faith truly mean? Jesus exemplified service throughout His life, even to the point of sacrificing Himself for humanity. Our sacrifices may be less dramatic—perhaps the awkwardness of learning something new, adjusting our schedules, or staying late—but they are still acts of love.

Remember, serving the church is not just about fulfilling duties; it’s about embodying the love of Christ and positively impacting others. Whether volunteering, supporting ministries, or simply being there for fellow believers, every act of service contributes to the greater purpose of building God’s kingdom


Serving connects you with others.

Serving your church connects you with fellow believers and is a great way to meet people you may otherwise never meet during or after the service. United Methodist Church of Casa Grande has many first-hand accounts of people becoming lifelong friends because of service opportunities that they both participated in. You never know who you’ll meet when you choose to serve!

Serving cultivates humility and love

Finally, service reflects God’s heart. From the beginning, God has been humbly and lovingly serving humanity: providing for our needs, bearing with our sinfulness, and making a way for us to know Him. When we think we’re too good for service—or too busy, a more common excuse—remember that this is something God Himself does for us every day.

You don’t have to have amazing skills to serve. You need to be willing. But if you do have a gift—and most of us do—that is your opportunity to share it with fellow believers.

If you’re not already serving, start seeking an opportunity today. Leave an imprint where you are, and you’ll see God impact your heart.

Serving Opportunities

Join us in serving the United Methodist Church of Casa Grande and discover a fulfilling and meaningful experience. Getting started is as easy as filling out our Online Contact Us Form” form or emailing the Admin Office at umccg2018@gmail.com with your preferred service opportunity.

Sign up today and embark on a journey of service that will make a positive impact on your life and the lives of others.

Congregational Care
  • Transportation Providers (Compassionate Care drivers) – give rides to those experiencing difficult situations. Rides are typically for physical therapy and doctor’s appointments. Volunteers sign up for opportunities that fit their schedule. We can establish an effective driver rotation system. Please note that this program is urgent and pressing.
  • Martin Medical Equipment Ministry–There are many different ways to participate. You can volunteer to help clean and deliver equipment. You can also donate any clean, gently used medical equipment you no longer use.
Communication and Audiovisual
  • Audiovisual (Audio, Video, Lighting) – help create the worship experience for weekly and special services. This includes camera operation, video direction, screen operation, and much more. Training is provided.
  • Grounds Cleanup – provide periodic such as disposing of weeds and trash, trimming overhanging foliage and conducting other landscaping maintenance.
Fellowship Snacks / Drinks
  • During a church fellowship, a person managing the snacks/drinks is typically responsible for preparing and serving refreshments to the congregation. Ensure that there are enough supplies for everyone. The goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere where members can connect, share stories, and enjoy each other’s company over food and drinks.
  • Choir, Orchestra & Chimes, Chancel Bells, Orchestra, etc. Help provide the music we produce each Sunday.
Welcome / Worship
  • Acolyte – light and extinguish the candles on the altar, symbolizing the presence of Christ as the Light of the World, during regular Sunday morning worship and other services as needed. Open to students in grade 3 and above.
  • Scripture Reader – read passage provided during regular Sunday worship and other services as needed. Through voice, bring the scripture to life for worshippers and set the stage for the coming sermon.
  • Usher – welcome people as they enter the sanctuary. Assist with finding a seat, bulletin distribution, collecting and securing the offering, counting worshippers in the sanctuary, and conveying urgent messages to the pastor during the service. Ushers also guide congregants during communion and assist with other tasks during worship as needed.
  • Communion Server – assist the pastors and provide support for the sacrament of Holy Communion, serving the elements for Sunday and special worship services.
  • Communion Steward – support the sacrament of Holy Communion, including oversight of the communion linens and purchase of the elements. Volunteers also setup and clean up communion elements during Sunday morning and special worship services.
  • Sanctuary Steward – prepare the sanctuary for Sunday worship and special services. Ensure Bibles, hymnals, pencils, and other needed items are in the pew racks and that the chancel, altar and worship implements are available, clean and ready for use.

For more information, contact Mea.


Join Our Intercessory Prayer Team: 

Deep within our church, the Intercessory Prayer Team stands as the spiritual lifeline that fortifies our faith community. We seek a devoted soul—one whose fervor for prayer is rivaled only by their unwavering commitment to serv.

Need More Information?

We hope you’ll use this website to explore our service opportunities. Contact the church office if you are seeking something you don’t see here. We will be glad to assist.