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UMCCG Projects

The Garden Projet

The development of the back lot stands as a testament to our collective ambition—a dream enthusiastically held by Pastor Steve and the devoted members of the United Methodist Church of Casa Grande. This vision is blossoming into a shared aspiration, with each decision bringing us closer to making it a tangible reality for everyone.

In the spirit of our church’s commitment to transparency and accountability, we invite every member to partake in the stewardship of our sacred mission. Our dedication to open practices in all church affairs is not merely a policy but a profound invitation to all—members and visitors alike—to bear witness to the integrity that guides our ministry.

If you desire to contribute to our project garden, please get in touch with the office. You will be provided with the specifics to fulfill the vital role and tasks that will see our shared vision come to life, one step at a time.

Imagine a serene garden, a haven of beauty that calls to every community member. We are nurturing this dream, and with each passing day, our collective involvement grows, reflecting the increasing enthusiasm for this project.