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Missions  / Outreach

CG Food Bank

Our church is currently collecting food donations for the Casa Grande Food Bank as an ongoing mission.

The CG Food Bank provides quality food items to households experiencing food insecurity. This program supplies critical nutrition to hungry individuals and families. Food Bank Sunday is the third Sunday of every month. Please bring a donation of non-perishable, non-expired food items, and place them in the Casa Grande Food Bank collection box located in the narthex.


You may bring your non-perishable donations to the church on any Sunday.  There is a large collection box in the narthex of the sanctuary building.  Ask user for help in locating it, if needed.  FOOD BANK SUNDAY is the 3rd Sunday of each month, at which time all current donations for the month will be taken following service to the CG Food Bank.

The following Items are needed:

  • Ramen noodles soup (3 oz pkg)
  • Canned Vegetables (any kind)
  • Canned beans (any kind-Chili beans, black beans, kidney beans, pork & beans, etc
  • Canned tomato products (tomato sauce, pasta sauce, diced tomatoes)
  • Canned fruit (any kind)
  • Canned soup (any kind, including chili)
  • Canned meats (tuna, chicken, am, spam, etc.)
  • Boxed macaroni and cheese (7 oz pkg)
  • Peanut button (16 oz jars)
  • Dried beans (any kind, 1 lb. bags)
  • Uncooked rice (any kind, 1 lb. bags)
  • Uncooked pasta (any kind, about 1 lb. pkg, – spaghetti, macaroni, shells, etc.)
  • Dry boxed cereal (approx. 12 oz size box)

Please try to donate from the list above and check all expiration dates.  The food bank can not accept expired food items or opened packages.  Food Bank “CAN NO LONGER accept egg cartons or plastic grocery bags.

THANK YOU for donating to the Casa Grande Food Bank!

For more information regarding the Casa Grande Food Bank, call (520) 836-1347


Laundry Love 

Laundry Love washes the clothes and bedding of low/no income families and person(s) across the US. Laundry Love brightens the lives of thousands of people through love, dignity, and detergent by partnering with diverse groups and laundromats nationwide.

UMCCG Participates in 2-persons two-hour shifts, first shift from 3pm to 5pm and second shift from 5pm to 7pm when it is UMCCG turn in participation with Laundry Love.


Can Crushers

Please deposit your items in the large, blue drums near the east church entry doors or use the small, blue buckets by each door in the Narthex. Only aluminum cans which contained drinkable liquids are acceptable.

Please do not send cans or bottles that contained food, e.g., no vegetable cans, cat food, dog food, fruit cups, plastic pet food containers, or tuna cans.

Please remember to separate cans from bottles. Proceeds from the sale of cans and clear plastic goes to Mission/Outreach Ministries.

“Change for Life” Mission colleting spare change

Seeds of Hope

Join us in making a significant impact!

At The United Methodist Church of Casa Grande, we are dedicated to supporting Seeds of Hope and their mission of transforming lives through building relationships and fostering community development.

Through our spare change collection efforts, we extend crucial assistance to those in need, providing food and clothing to individuals experiencing homelessness and unemployment.

Seeds of Hope has been a steadfast pillar of support in the Casa Grande area since 1993, having served an impressive 10,876 meals and distributed food bags in 2022 alone.

Together, let us sow the seeds of hope and create enduring change within our beloved community. Discover more about our impactful initiatives today.

“Change for Life” Mission colleting spare change

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office

PCSO Safety Awareness and Education Campaign.

The PCSO Safety Awareness and Education Campaign provides safety materials for our communities such as brochures, manuals, booklets on topics relevant to us all.


“Change for Life” Mission colleting spare change


At The United Methodist Church of Casa Grande, we are dedicated to supporting Native American Outreach Ministries Inc.
The NAOMI House is a non-profit mission home dedicated to providing a safe and loving home for Native American Children.
NAOMI House operates on an emergency, front-line basis. That is, providing food, clothing, shelter, safety, and prayer on-call, as the need arises.


“Change for Life” Mission colleting spare change

Heifer’s Mission

Heifer International works to end hunger and poverty in partnership with the communities we serve. These programs support entrepreneurs around the world, creating lasting change from the ground up.
It begins with a seed investment of livestock or agriculture, followed by mentorship to help project participants build a business, and ultimately to gain access to supply chains and markets.
These families can earn a living income and continuously lift up their communities as they train the next generation of leaders.


“Change for Life” Mission colleting spare change

Catalysts Helping Increase Potential (CHIP)

At The United Methodist Church of Casa Grande, we are dedicated to supporting CHIP.

CHIP, Catalysts Helping Increase Potential. CHIP is a local, nonprofit organization which helps individuals and families from
wherever they are in life, to a place of selfsufficiency, with a goal of ending homelessness in Casa Grande. The organization works with other area organizations and churches to fill in the service gaps and help people find what they need to improve their lives.

Shield a Badge with a Prayer

We are involved with Shield a Badge as an Outreach Program for the Casa Grande Police Dept. The Casa Grande Police Department has dropped off new badge #s. If you are interested in praying over an officer’s badge, please sign-up in the narthex or contact.



Compassionate Care Ministry

The Compassionate Care Ministry will focus on helping people in our congregation that need assistance getting to medical appointments. With our aging population, people may find themselves in situations where they are unable to drive themselves. To meet this need we will compile a list of volunteers to call upon when the church receives a request. A sign-up sheet is available in the Narthex.



Martin Medical Equipment Ministry

The Martin Medical Equipment Ministry is now available for needed use.  A list of available equipment for use will be posted. Equipment donations will be accepted once we get a permanent storage space for everything.