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Welcome to the UMCCG Library

Feel free to borrow any book that interests you. Once you’ve absorbed its wisdom, kindly return it to the basket provided in the library. Enjoy the journey of exploration and discovery!

  • Religious and Church History: This section likely contains books that explore the origins, development, and impact of religious movements and institutions throughout history.
  • Christian Education: Books in this category may focus on the principles and practices of educating individuals in the Christian faith, including Sunday school materials and religious study guides.
  • Bibles: A collection of various translations and editions of the Bible, the central religious text of Christianity.
  • Biblical Reference Materials: This includes concordances, commentaries, dictionaries, and other resources that aid in studying and understanding the Bible.
  • Bible Interpretation: Works that discuss hermeneutical approaches and delve into the methods and perspectives used to interpret the biblical texts.
  • Women: This section might feature books about women’s roles and experiences in religion, including feminist theology and biographies of notable religious women.
  • Youth: Literature aimed at younger audiences, possibly including religious stories, moral lessons, and age-appropriate theological discussions.
  • Poetry and Readings: A selection of religious and inspirational poetry and readings for use in worship services or personal reflection.
  • Prayer Bible Study: Guides and books designed to deepen understanding of prayer within the Christian context, possibly including prayer books and study materials.
  • Autobiographies and Biographies: These are the life stories of significant religious figures, saints, and individuals who have influenced religious thought and practice.

Your contributions will help our library flourish. We welcome donations of books that resonate with religious significance or provide spiritual upliftment. Please leave your generous donations in the designated basket.

Circuit Rider’s Wisdom: A Journey Through Scripture with Reverend John Martin

The UMCCG Library has received a special addition: Reverend John Martin’s book, “Random Thoughts of a Circuit Rider.” This insightful book offers a unique perspective on the scriptures. As you explore our growing selection, feel free to sign out John’s book or borrow any other titles from our fortunate display. When you’re done, kindly return the books to the basket located in the library. Happy reading!

Disciples of Jesus Christ

The mission of the United Methodist Church of Casa Grande is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by proclaiming the good news of God’s grace and by exemplifying Jesus’ command to love God and neighbor, thus seeking the fulfillment of God’s reign and realm in the world.

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