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Intercessory Prayer

As understood in Christian theology, the difference between prayer and intercessory prayer is primarily the focus and intent behind the prayer.

Prayer can be a personal communication with God, involving thanksgiving, confession, and requests for one’s own needs or desires. It’s a personal dialogue with the divine.

Intercessory Prayer, on the other hand, is specifically directed toward intervening on behalf of others. It’s an act of praying for someone else’s needs, well-being, or circumstances, essentially ‘standing in the gap’ for them.

As an intercessor, the role is to act as a mediator or a bridge between God and the person(s) you pray for. This involves empathizing with their situation, understanding their needs, and conveying those earnestly to God, trusting in His wisdom and timing for the response.

The Bible refers to intercessory prayer in John 17-19 and Hebrews 7:25.

Praying for others is our privilege and, in some sense, our duty. Prayer is a “Love Ministry.” This is a quote from Barbara Schutt’s book, Your Journey to a Prayerful Life, page 25.

Our ministry is deeply rooted in compassion, care, and reverence. Here’s a summary of the impactful ways Our team engages in prayer:

Weekly Meetings:

    • The team gathers diligently every Tuesday.
    • During these meetings, we collectively lift the needs of individuals and various situations.
    • Each request is presented to God with care and intention.

Prayer Cards:

    • The prayer cards submitted during services are collected and entrusted to the Intercessory Prayer Leader.
    • These requests receive focused intercession, bridging the gap between people and God.

Online Prayer Requests:

    • The UMCCG website serves as a secure platform for submitting prayer requests.
    • These online requests are emailed to the Intercessory Prayer Team Leader and Pastor Steve.
    • It’s a beautiful way to extend our ministry beyond physical gatherings, reaching those who seek prayer online.

Personal Requests and Newsletter:

    • Team members’ requests receive dedicated prayer.
    • Individuals listed in the newsletter are lifted in intercession.
    • Birthdays, friends, and other members are remembered in your prayers.

Privacy and Reverence:

    • The utmost care is taken to protect the privacy of those named in prayer.
    • Their needs are held confidentially and treated with deep respect.

May our intercessory ministry provide comfort, healing, and hope for all who seek it. Blessings to our team!